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The optimized tread formula lowers resistance and makes driving more fuel-efficient. The groove's cutting angle effectively increases heat dissipation and improves high speed safety performance.


1. Wide longitudinal and shoulder grooves
2. Asymmetrical and simple pattern design
3. Center rib with sipes


1. Enhanced handling and steering on wet road surface
2. Excellent stability and traction performance
3. Increased heat dissipation


1. Optimal wet and dry grip
2. Safety performance at high speed
3. Fuel efficiency


Size Marks XL Code fuel-tyre-icon wet-tyre-icon sound-tyre-icon_2
225/65 R 17 M+S 102H C B 70dB
235/65 R 17 M+S 104V B B 70dB
235/65 R 17 M+S XL 108V B B 71dB
215/65 R 16 M+S 98H C B 70dB
215/65 R 16 M+S XL 102H C B 71dB
235/60 R 16 M+S 100H C B 70dB
215/60 R 17 M+S 96H C B 70dB
235/60 R 18 M+S 103V B B 70dB
235/60 R 18 M+S XL 107V B B 71dB
235/55 R 17 M+S 99H C B 70dB
255/55 R 18 M+S XL 109W B B 72dB
255/55 R 18 M+S XL 109Y B B 72dB
235/50 R 18 M+S XL 101W C B 71dB
255/50 R 19 M+S 103V C B 70dB
255/50 R 19 M+S XL 107Y B B 72dB
275/40 R 20 M+S XL 106W C B 72dB
275/40 R 20 M+S XL 106Y C B 72dB