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IMG_2312Membat - the tyre brand born in the Mediterranean - decided to organize a training day for its official distributors in Spain, as well as for its customers; the workshops.

Under the title "Seminar for Membat Workshops", the Barcelona brand gathers, on each occasion, a selection of the best customers in each city with the aim of delving deeper into the specific characteristics of each product in its extensive catalogue - Membat Passion for UHP, Enjoy for PCR, or Potens for SUV, etc. This is done together with the aim of taking the opportunity in sharing the results of the latest tests performed by TÜV SÜD.

IMG_2337The first seminar took place in Santiago de Compostela June 19th, with the help of its official dealer Auto Recambios Diresa. The other seminars were purposed for some of the clients we have in Galicia & Leon, Frenor and E.D.A.Y.E., respectively. However Membat does not intend to stop until all its clients, worldwide, know the test results and thus being able to recommend the customers on their tyres with sturdier arguments.
The training was carried out by Gonzalo Fresco, the representative for Galicia, together with the General Manager of Membat, Natan Banyeres. The highlight was the presentation, by our engineer André Moritz, of the results of his tests in 2016 done against Toyo, and also the ones performed this year 2017, carried out against brands of the B-segment such as Michelin and Continental Group.

IMG_2385"Last year we had good results against Toyo, a very well valued Japanese brand in Europe, but this 2017 we wanted to go further and test our Membat Passion tyre against our closest competitors. The results surpassed our expectations, so we decided to share them with our customers” commented Natan Banyeres.

Among the contents of this course we can find: product in-depth information, characteristics and advantages for the user, and above all, the results of each test performed at the Papenburg facility by TÜV SÜD.

Membat will continue with the seminars in the Basque Country, Madrid and Naples in September and trustingly we will be able to offer these seminars across Europe and Asia in the upcoming months.


We can safely say, it was a success!

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